Jessie Graff - Ninja Warrior, holding 18g cookie

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And It's a Cookie!

Jessie Graff
18G Boss Chocolate Chip Cookie

The BOSS Up! Challenge is an opportunity to show us your strength, agility, and balance!

Lenny & Larry’s is thrilled to launch this challenge and partner with athlete and professional stunt woman Jessie Graff.

Jessie will host our Boss Up! Challenge event—where three of our winners will compete for victory at Ninja Nation in Texas. The grand prize winner will earn personal training with Jessie Graff and a year’s supply of The Boss! Cookies.

Contest Closed

Protein leader. Flavor ruler.

18G Boss Chocolate Chip Cookie

The wait is over. And the hype is real.

At Lenny & Larry’s, we have a long history of redefining the power of cookies… and we are doing it again! Lenny & Larry’s The BOSS! Cookie™ combines protein and taste to create the ultimate protein cookie!

What makes Lenny & Larry’s The Boss! Cookie™ so great???

18G Protien, 1g sugar, 6g prebiotic fiber

Our newest addition to the Lenny & Larry’s family comes loaded with a trifecta of benefits.

This cookie has 18G protein, 6G prebiotic fiber and just 1G sugar.

But that’s not all. The BOSS! Cookie has only 3G net carb, 220 calories, and uses a unique blend of protein sources. Yes! That’s right! We combined plants and dairy proteins to bring you a leading 18 grams of protein in every cookie!

  • The BOSS! Cookie: 18g Protein
  • The BOSS! Cookie: 1g Sugar
  • The BOSS! Cookie: 6g Prebiotic Fiber
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Never Sacrifice Taste!

At Lenny & Larry’s we take flavor as seriously as we take nutrition. Our mission has always been to bring you healthy snacks that never sacrifice great taste.

We are proud to offer Lenny & Larry’s The BOSS! Cookie™ in three different flavors!

Chocolate Chunk
Peanut Butter Chunk
Triple Chocolate Chunk